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GIFAS counts over 400 members. If your company has significant activity in the aerospace sector and you are interested in participating in work undertaken in this industry, you are welcome to join us.
Dassault Aviation - Vol en patrouille nEUROn, Rafale et Falcon 7X © Dassault Aviation - K. Tokunaga

Join an industry of excellence and develop your network within an integrated and coherent ecosystem:

Becoming a member of GIFAS integrates you into an ecosystem of common strategy. Not only are there services you could benefit from, you will also be able to meet numerous clients and partners and use these opportunities to structure your strategy.

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CityAirbus © Airbus Helicopters

See the big picture of the aerospace sector and learn more about what the future holds:

Through its different research efforts, GIFAS (within the framework of CORAC) explores the future of our professions. Members benefit from the wealth of data in these studies and are thus able to forecast the future in all relevant fields, like the environment, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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Airbus Defence and Space - Thales Alenia Space - Cso/Musis © CNES/Mira Productions / R. Parot

Bring your knowledge to the table and contribute to the defense of your interests:

GIFAS considers that cooperation is key. Each of its members has something to offer to the others. Thanks to this perspective, our industry is coherent with a shared vision and able to collectively defend our sector’s interests.

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Develop your skills abroad and grow your business internationally:

Through its presence at international trade shows and its organization of many initiatives, GIFAS strives for each of its members to enjoy worldwide visibility. As a member of GIFAS, you will also gain from these promotional efforts and you will be sure to conquer new export market shares.

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