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2021, a year of transition and preparation for recovery

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    Industry challenges

    From top to bottom, the aerospace industry continues to grow in terms of jobs, investment, research and development.


    The high performance of the aerospace industry, in both technical and economic aspects, is due in part to its control over the supply chain and its quality throughout the value chain (from the buyer to the SME ...


    Confronting climate change, designing quieter and more efficient airplanes, developing innovative satellites to observe the Earth’s system: our sector is using its skills to their utmost to take action for the ...


    The aerospace sector is a leader in innovation. Our systems are rich in technology and reveal the creativity of the many players in our sector. To maintain this level of excellence, the aerospace industry remai...

    Careers & Training

    The member companies of GIFAS employ 188,000 people in their aerospace activities in France. These figures do not include temporary workers or the total number of suppliers and subcontractors; this field is est...


    The French aerospace sector is a leader in Europe and in the world. GIFAS protects this number-one status that enables our country and its industry to assert itself on the international stage....


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        Created within GIFAS in June 1996, the AERO-SME Committee chaired by Mr. Christophe CADOR, President of SATYS, has the mission of representing SMEs to public authorities and enhancing their performance with French and foreign prime contractors. It is the only body representing French aeronautics and space SMEs, bringing together more than 200 active SME members and more than 650 others through regional aeronautical clusters.
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