Our networks throughout the world

In order to promote the industry at the international level, GIFAS conducts networking actions via its 5 offices in Montréal (NAFAN and France ICAO), Kuala Lumpur (SEAFAN), Abu Dhabi (MEFAN) and New Delhi (INFAN). Each office coordinates a regional network open to any GIFAS member already established in the area or wishing to develop its activities there.

International presence

Fostering, through advanced detection of business opportunities, the penetration of SMEs also involves networking actions, via our offices located in Montreal (NAFAN and France ICAO), Kuala Lumpur (SEAFAN), Abu Dhabi (MEFAN ) and New Delhi (INFAN) and via the local GIFAS committees.

In 2018-2019, local committees were launched in India, Canada and China.

  • INFAN : Indian French Aerospace Network

M. Bertrand LEROI

Tel. : +91 93 1949 9634

[email protected]


  • MEFAN : Middle East French Aerospace Network


Tel. : +971 50 852 92 50

[email protected]


  • NAFAN : North American French Aerospace Network*

[email protected]


* En partenariat avec Business France/In partnership with Business France

  • OACI-FAN : OACI French Aerospace Network

Mme. Anouck BARREAUX

Tel. : +1 514 553 6950

[email protected]


  • SEAFAN : South East Asian French Aerospace Network

M. Tanguy COLLET

Tel. : +60 10 3914 249

[email protected]