Our Mission

With more than a hundred years of history credentials , the French aerospace industry is designing and building the future. GIFAS supports all industry players so that they can reach their fullest potential.

GIFAS is the structure that represents the French aerospace sector. Shared interests inspire our mission to support each and every one of our members.


GIFAS represents all players in this sector to national, European and international bodies, both public and private. It promotes structure, coherence and solidarity within the French aerospace sector. 

Its influence enables it to develop and roll out initiatives to benefit the whole industry, on diverse topics such as industrial performance and economic competitiveness, using secure digital tools. Some industry tools, such as those offered by BoostAeroSpace, aim to integrate all of our members into one an integretad and coherent ecosystem using collaborative means. 

Others, like the program “Industrie du Futur”, assist our members in their digital transition. Within CORAC (the Civil Aviation Research Council), GIFAS helps the industry with its strategies for high-performing and responsible innovation that prepares for the future.

Dassault Aviation - Falcon 8X © GIFAS - G. Rolle


Another part of GIFAS’ role consists of defending its members’ common interests. We study each measure that could impact our industry and we advocate for our members in negotiations. 

Whether the subject on the table is R&D, public procurement, environment, certification or taxation, we strive to help our sector evolve and compete at the highest possible levels. To do so, we make a point of working alongside public authorities within our different strategies for development. 

In this way, the French national and regional authorities become stakeholders in our progress. Our collaboration benefits all parties. This type of partnership allows us, for example, to better meet the needs of our customers, whether civilian or military. 

Additionally, we make sure that our industry remains a prominent player in European space projects. GIFAS thus facilitates national and European decision-makers’ involvement in the main components of an ambitious European space policy.


Every two years, through its subsidiary SIAE, GIFAS organizes the Paris Air Show, the number one trade show in the world for this field. This key event showcases our projects and accomplishments. In 2019, 304 official delegations from 98 countries visited the Paris Airshow. More than 2.700 journalists from 87 countries covered the event. 

We promote our sector’s image by participating in events and international trade shows; by organizing exhibitions, recruiting and fact-finding missions; and by continuously communicating to media channels in France and abroad

A French presence is guaranteed at several aerospace and international defense trade shows through a France pavilion. These activities display the excellence of our industry all over the world. 

Moreover, to maintain our wealth of knowledge, GIFAS contributes to support training in France in partnership with specialized universities. Through several initiatives, we ensure that this exceptional field remains attractive to young talent.

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